"X-MESS!" - A collective edit by The Street Collective & EyeGoBananas (2016)

Merry “X-MESS” 2016! We used the weeks before Christmas to mess around with our Italian friends from EyeGoBananas. The result is “X-MESS”, a messy collective edit of pre-X-mas-photographs taken this December by the members of The Street Collective and EyeGoBananas.

Photographs by: Dmitry Stepanenko, Fabian Schreyer, Vineet Vohra, Yves Vernin, Gabi Ben Avraham, Giorgio Scalici, Riccardo Cattaneo, Matteo Zannoni & Michele Liberti.


What's next? - Collective edit (2016)

“What’s next?” is a sequence of street photographs from our collective’s members, in which each picture is linked to the previous and the following picture based on story, mood, graphic impact or colors. The project is the basis for the Flickr-group “Street Sequence”, which offers other photographers the possibility to submit their work and thereby to continue the sequence.


The Street Collective - Best of slideshow (2015)