Public project - Street Animals

We were looking for street photos that deal with "animals". Animals surround us every day on the street of our towns and cities, they are our best companions or can appear unexpectedly from around the corner when we least expect to see them. Often they create beautiful and unpredicted moments in our everyday lives. Be creative and show us your best work.

This project ended August 30 - 2015. You can see all  "Street animal"-photos in this Facebook  group. The best shots are selected by The Street Collective members and are featured in the gallery below. The project-winner will be featured with his portfolio on our website.

All photos below are made by non-TSC members. You can find the name of the photographer by hovering over the photo in the lightbox.

Winner: Nattawoot Kurtumm Peanpunyaru - His portfolio is featured here!