New Public Project: "Shadows"

From today on we start a new public project: "Shadows"

That can be human shadows on a wall or on the ground or whatever. It's about street photography, so let there be human beings in your picture. Your photos can be black and white or color.

We changed the approach a little bit: During the period of the project The Street Collective will review the uploaded photos on a regular basis and choose nominees for the best “Shadow”-photo. These nominees will be uploaded on our main website.

At the end of the project The Street Collective will chose one winning photo. The photographer of the winning photo will be rewarded with a PRICE! (to be revealed later).

End date of the “Shadow”-project: December 7, 2013

We invite you to join our Facebook group and upload only your best shadow-photos. You can also invite your street photography friends to join:

We wish everyone success and we are looking forward to your photos!