Vineet Vohra - "Kumbh"

Kumbh Mela is a mass hindu pilgrimage where hindus gather to bathe in a sacred river. Traditionally, four fairs are widely recognized as the Kumbh Melas: the Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain & Nashik. These four fairs are held periodically at different locations. The main festival site is located on the banks of a river Ganges at Haridwar; the confluence (Sangam) at Ganges and the Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati at Allahabad; the Godawari at Nashik; and the Shipra at Ujjain. Bathing in these rivers is thought to cleanse a person of all the sins.

I have been lucky to visit Nashik & Ujjain in the last four years but only for few hours each as one place had a bomb scare and the other had a severe cyclone which left 10 dead and several injured. What I saw common in both the events was that it's a festival for all age groups and people from all kind of backgrounds and they perform similar activities without realising that they are creating a symphony in that chaos, kids do what they are best at i.e playing and not worrying about their sins at all, for people who are managing the hygiene this is just another day, for bus drivers ferrying people from various different states have to overwork and barely getting time to even brush their teeth, for the decorators it's time to make their city look beautiful and most importantly the sadhus (saints) visit this place to wash away their sins and worship Lord shiva, with every Kumbh there are new alliances of Sadhus, but even the Sadhus do similar activities and make this event a religious rendezvous.

I noticed that I was a part of this festival in no time but was fascinated that how each one of us echoes with the other living beings around us and make the universe around. That fraction of a second which brings us together and that fraction of a second which separates us from one another made me press the shutter.

With the nature playing havoc and everyone else running for cover, I simply trusted my prized possession M240 and got some shots which I'm gifting here. Hope you enjoy them.